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Write Template Tutorial

Getting Started

  • Go to your Joomla root directory, click on "templates". 
  • Copy a folder and give it the name you want. 
This will create the complicated directory structure every template needs with some mock data to modify. 

Support Languages

Each template can support translations built in. 
These translations can be used in the meta-data for the template. 

For example, the description can be translated. Which is a great thing. 

In order to do that, you need to do 2 things : 
  • Folder Hierarchy 
    • Create "language" folder 
    • underneath it, create a folder with the required locale. ( for example en-GB )
    • Create a file named 
      • <localte>.<pack_name>.ini
      • For example en-GB.guy_1.ini 
      • Create a "sys.ini" file to contain the name of this pack 
  • The sys.ini files are for displaying the name of the language pack.