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Play! - writing my first module

As I was using Play, I found out a missing module that a simple version for it can be pretty easy to create.

If you know rails, (and if you don't, you should), there is a rake task to install gems.
When you translate this to rails - a module that will install all other modules.

This will enable you to quickly install a new instance running these two commands

play modules:install
play run

Create a new Module

First lets run the command
play new-module  modules

Now since our module will be really simple (and will assume a lot of things), we will only use the "".
And even though it sounds "too simple", you would be amazed at how easy it is to
  • Learn Python
  • Get important functionalities from your module
For a good source samples, and example on good usage for this simple implementation, see of the "migrate" module. (play install migrate-1.2) - go to "play_home/modules/migrate-1.2"

The entire migrate module is written in the - and it allows you to version your DB. A very powerful feature.

Deploying you module

Once you have the python script written, you will want to copy it to play_home/modules/name-version and use it on a project.. however, it seems there's no such command.

Luckily, we are writing a modules module! so lets just add a "deploy" command that will do everything for us

Building your module

The command for building a module is

play build-module

Play will prompt you for the required play version to run this module, and the module version.


The best reference so far, is to simply run
play help