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Play! - How to add format support

In Rails you can request different formats by adding ".format" at the end of the URL.
For example will return an XML response and not HTML.

The default is of course - HTML.

How can you add the same behavior in Play!??

The way I do it is by adding the following mappings to conf/routes file.

*       /{controller}/{action}.html                 {controller}.{action}(format:'html')
*       /{controller}/{action}.xml                 {controller}.{action}(format:'xml')
*       /{controller}/{action}.json                 {controller}.{action}(format:'json')

This will simply require a new entry for each format.
If I want to make this generic I can simply write

*       /{controller}/{action}.{format}           {controller}.{action}(format:{format})

Then you can simply query for "request.format".

If you create the following enum :
public enum EFormat {

You can even use a switch very similar to rails.


The easiest way to render so far in rails is to call

render(layout.format, args...)

Which can easily look like