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First we must understand what is a repository and what is a project in SVN.

In Starteam you have a single repository to all projects. 
In SVN each repository IS a project... there's a no difference between a repository and a project other than - you work on your project, and you check into the repository. 

Context-wise they are the same once you finished check-in. 
This means - if you have 3 projects, you also have 3 repositories. 

You can overcome this inconvenience by handling folders inside your project - this means, have the following hierarchy 

   +--------- project1
   +--------- project2

but that seems too messy for me and accident prone so I assume the cleanest way to do things is to have a separate repository for each project. HOWEVER - the URL for this repositories can be of format 


and so on.. thus giving us a nice folder layout resolution while maintaining an accident safe environment. 

In this tutorial - however - I will create the layout considering only a single project.  

Starting from scratch

Create repository

First you have to set up a repository (anywhere... doesn't really matter for now...)

write the command 

svnadmin create c:/path/repo

This will create the repository. 

Create project

Now it is time to insert a new project. 

The recommended hierarchy for a project is: 


Once I have the hierarchy I want - I can simply use the import command to start a new project in svn